In spite of being the most popular file sharing websites Megaupload-Hotfile-Filesonic and Netload disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The ones which are still working are not paying any to uploaders.

You are not able to get a SECURE premium membership anymore after Paypal and Avangate stopped supporting file sharing websites.

We, File sharers are having really hard times… Many websites shut down already. We are not even able to pay the server costs.

At this point, the leader of the market Rapidshare made its move. Actually this is not something new, Mediafire used to use this system but it was very expensive.

What is this system ?
It is actually very simple.

You our users, will be able to download every single file I upload to Rapidshare free or premium based.

You will not be able to be tracked thanks to SSL password downloads.

Our files will not be deleted or removed anymore Because this files will not be seen on other websites and will not be complaint about.

You will easily be able to get a premium membership on Rapidshare Via Paypal-Visa-American Express-Mastercard-Paysafecard-Reseller options.

Now, all you need to do is to join my rapidshare contacts by contacting me.

After I have added you to my contact list, You will be able to securely download All kind of Movies, Games, Tv series, Music, Programs.. etc.

IF you would like to have an unlimited access to my files you are welcome to contact me on coolxvid[at]gmail[dot]com