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8 Responses

19.12.12, 10:24

So what should i do now as you said that Rapidshare is now limit only 50g a day

19.12.12, 10:58

I do not know. I was amazed what to do. I’m predicament.

24.02.13, 16:04

Dear sir….
I am a uploder …..I have some quality post which I wanna share on your forum …Thanks for give me little short time….Have a nice day….

24.02.13, 19:32

Thanks @azimath

Now is not necessary.

05.06.13, 12:54

Is the change from Lumfile to FileParadox permanent. I just paid money for Lumfile Premium and now I notice File Paradox only.
Are you going to have Lumfile links also???

05.06.13, 13:14


Lumfile scam site..

15-20 days no sales no rebill..Does not respond to my emails…

You premium account expire?..

31.10.15, 2:48

The RSS feed has stopped working for few weeks now. Can you please fix it? Great site.

01.11.15, 21:59

RSS setting, so beautiful. :)

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